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Best and Easy Ways to Sneak Protein in Your Diet

Protein is important for health. If you don’t get enough through your diet, your body composition and health suffer. As per the recommended daily intake, one must take 50 grams of protein per day. A protein-rich diet improves muscle mass, aids in weight loss and improves your overall health. Read on to know some of the amazing ways to have a good amount of protein in your diet. 

Start your day with high-protein breakfast

High protein breakfast is a great way to fuel up your body after a long night’s rest. A smoothie or shake is a great breakfast option, depending on the ingredients. As many smoothies contain a lot of vegetables, fruits, but little protein. Protein powders can increase the amount of protein in your shakes. There are various types on the market, including soy, whey, pea, and egg protein. However, whey protein powder is preferred over others as it keeps you full. One scoop (28 grams) of whey protein powder contains 20 grams of protein. 

To make a whey protein shake, all you need is 225 grams of unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop of MyProtein Impact whey powder, 1 cup fresh berries or any other fruit of your choice and half cup crushed ice. Mix all the ingredients until smooth. 

Snack on high protein snacks

One of the good ways to get extra protein in your diet is to choose the right type of snacks. Snacks like chips and biscuits are very low in protein. For example, 28-gram potato chips contain 152 grams of calories and 2 grams of protein. Whereas, the same amount of cheese slices has 113 calories and 7grams protein. Plus, it benefits heart health. 

Choose Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is high protein food and offers fantastic health benefits thanks to the nutrients it contains, such as protein, calcium, iodine, probiotics and vitamin B-12. Its 240-gram serving provides 17-20 grams of protein which is twice the traditional yogurt. 

Fruits with peanut butter 

Fruits are rich in fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants but they are low in protein. Peanut butter is delectable, high in protein and has a creamy texture that goes well with some fruits such as bananas, pears, strawberries, and apples. Adding 2 tbsp of peanut butter on fruits will increase the total protein content by 7-8 grams.  

Make your salad protein-rich

Salads contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But when it comes to protein, it contains only a few grams of protein. To add protein to your salad, you can top it with the food of your choice like cheese, tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey breast, etc. 

Protein is essential for proper body functioning and including high protein foods to your diet can do wonders for your health. 

So know that you know the way to sneak protein in your meal, try them and maintain a healthy balanced diet.