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Benefits of Bringing Children to the Playground

Invite children to play as often as possible, because there are many stimuli for the main senses in child development. Being outside the room will make children free to do something. This will certainly make children more active and excited. Nowadays, almost everyone in the world will never be able to get away from technology, from TV, smartphone, Tab! Even from babies or children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly.

Maybe many parents start introducing gadgets to their children early on because their children feel entertained and can stay at home for quite a long time. So the child does not need to get heated or dirty for fear of germs. But do you know if that’s what makes children dependent on gadgets? And of course you already know that this is not a good thing for his development, both physically and mentally.

By often inviting children to play, children will get many benefits needed to face life in the future. Apart from playing, they can also learn many things there. Hence, parents should take the time to take their children to the playground.

Even from the age they are still toddlers (children), because taking children to the playground will make them fitter and can improve their intelligence, starting from interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence, in language, even physical intelligence which is often referred to as physical terms. -kinesthetic. Toddlers are known as the golden age because at that age optimal intelligence development occurs. So, often taking children to the playground will make children’s development more optimal.

Don’t underestimate children’s play activities. It seems that this activity is just for entertainment, but when your little ones are playing (building a house or building blocks) it means they are building important life skills. Another benefit is to prepare the brain for the challenges that will be faced later. Therefore, we will present 7 scientific evidence about the benefits of taking children to the playground. Hopefully this will make you even more excited to take the time to take them to the playground.

1. In the playing field our muscles and joints are stimulated

Because of that, we became strong. We write well because the “core” of the chest, back, and shoulders are very resistant and help us keep these muscles from interfering with the function of the fingers when writing. Most children today do not know how to use muscles to write and hold scissors (cut). That’s why most of them like to shrug their shoulders and elbows when writing and scratching. Why is that? This is due to a lack of stimulation to the muscles and joints.

You can also play on Pikler Bogen to make your child’s muscles stronger.

2. Playground Also Helps Balance The Child’s Body

Because it stimulates the sensory balance of the body (vestibular) which we cannot see with the naked eye. The kid needs to move. Can we sit still? Why do we want the children to sit still now? There is no point in your child sitting still. Because if children sit still all the time, it will immediately make them lose their balance. Here are the results we can find when the child sits still all the time:

  • Children have a hard time focusing
  • They like running around in class
  • Children lack self-confidence
  • Children can’t control their emotions

3. On the Playground, Children Can Move and Do What They Want To Do

They focus on the many moves that can be done on the playground when it comes to study time, they don’t get sidetracked easily because they are satisfied with the moves! Increased self-confidence from being able to feel the power of movement so as to form balanced emotions.