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Bathroom, Hidden Places to Get Ideas

Doing residential renovation requires careful planning. Planning can be done on color combinations and other elements starting from the floor, wall color, accessories, and lighting. One of the spaces that must be designed properly is the bathroom.

Bathroom tiles sale from Amber Tiles provides various options to make the bathroom as comfortable as possible. It all can be done starting from the combination of colors and materials that can be installed in the bathroom. The right color can create a soothing atmosphere. A large bathroom allows a more diverse color combination, moreover,  narrow bathroom best suits with light colors. Bathroom walls and floors are also important. The tile for bathroom floor and wall must have good quality, in addition to that, it must withstand moisture, heat, stains and also give the impression of luxury.

When designing a bathroom, the function of each element must be considered. Choosing the right elements and accessories from the beginning can determine the comfort of your routine. Someone tends to design a room with colors and favorite items. In designing the bathroom, some people pay attention to aesthetics and matching accessories, some people like to pay attention to functions so that they are less concerned about the suitability of the arrangement of the items inside. Back to the initial concept of renovation, we must be consistent following the needs and budget that have been prepared, so the results match the expectation.

Nowadays, the bathroom is also used for other activities such as reading books, for book lovers who like quiet places. For this purpose, people can design their bathrooms equipped with bookshelves and waterproof protective glass, so they can be more comfortable reading books while soaking in the bathtub or while lighting an aromatherapy candle. Many ideas also appear in the bathroom when the bathroom atmosphere makes us feel more calm in thinking. In the end, the bathroom will not only give you a fresh body but also a fresh mind.