An Ultimate Guide Into Understanding LEEP

The cervix’s health matters a lot in the reproductive health of a woman. It creates a link between the uterus and the open part of the vaginal canal. There are times when abnormal cells do grow at the cervix and need removal immediately. In this case, the loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) is vital. In Atlanta, Georgia, there are women health experts who provide such assistance. Through the process, the chances of developing cervical cancer are slim. When looking for LEEP in Atlanta, target reliable centers to know more about these procedures as you appreciate them more.

Who Gets the Procedure?

There are times when you pay a visit to your gynecologist for specific treatment. At such times, the doctor could perform a vital test called the pelvic test. Sometimes, the results may seem unusual hence triggering the need for a loop electrosurgical excision procedure. Pap smear tests sometimes show abnormalities; hence the LEEP is significant.

Doctors use the cells from the cervix to tell if there are precancerous or benign growths. If they are polyps, there is no cause for alarm, but the precancerous growths need more attention on the area. This is what prevents cervical cancer from emerging. Screening for human papillomavirus (HPV) is possible through LEEP.

Is the Procedure Safe?

The LEEP is accurate and safe for everyone, mainly when the doctor follows suitable measures. Issues such as hygiene mean a lot so that infections stand no chance of developing. Also, the medic needs to administer the right aesthetics to feel comfortable throughout the procedure. You will hardly feel the heated loop that removes the outer layer of the cervix cells.

Which are the Necessary Preparations?

The first aspect to consider is the best timing. Gynecologists can do the procedure at any time apart from when the uterine wall is shedding off. The best time, though, is one week after the ending of the period. At this time, the doctor can see the cervix vividly. On top of this, it allows proper monitoring of the bleeding, which the procedure brings about.

Before the procedure, it’s advisable to avoid taking drugs that contain aspirin for a period of five to seven days. This drug and other anti-inflammatory drugs will make the procedure riskier as they increase the rate of bleeding. There are no limits to the food you can eat, though. As you go for a procedure, always have a menstrual pad as there are chances of light temporary bleeding.

The Recovery Process

After a successful LEEP, you need to be observant during the aftercare and take recovery measures. These include avoiding the use of menstrual cups or tampons within one month. Also, refrain from vaginal intercourse or any form of inserting as this could put you at risk of infections. Additionally, it isn’t the right time to engage in strenuous physical activities.

The loop electrosurgical excision procedure is fundamental in women’s health services. It allows the removal of the abnormal cells from the cervix, which helps in determining whether they are cancerous or not. For the whole process to be fruitful, there ought to be an input of a skillful doctor. Thus, looking for the best women’s wellness facilities is significant.