6 Simple, But Powerful Article Writing Techniques

Good writers are good readers. So you do have to be diligent in reading to get fresh ideas all the time. You can also develop your writing easily, because you are used to digesting various kinds of vocabulary and knowledge from your reading.

Are you interested in writing fiction with high imagination or are you more likely to like writing non-fiction that requires discussion or in-depth research?

Here we will discuss about one genre of non-fiction writing, namely articles. Articles are factual papers in the form of essays or news. Both news and essays are both of interest to writers and are needed by readers. The essay itself is a paper in the form of prose or does not use the rules of writing poetry, written to discuss a problem in passing based on the author’s personal point of view. So, to write this essay you need to read more knowledge and then rewrite it according to your perspective on a particular topic. You can also use the buypapercheap service to make the cheap paper writing service more attractive.

In addition, writing an essay is not difficult, you can follow the methods below or you can write by ignoring the rules. Let’s look at how to write an essay below: 

Choose a Cool Topic

Choosing a topic is not difficult if you are used to writing, but for those who are beginners, you can search for topics from anywhere. Like from books you read, magazines, newspapers today, even from chat with friends or relatives. Start with easy topics so that you don’t have trouble developing ideas when writing. An example of a difficult idea for beginners is when discussing Space-X, a company that makes space rocket makers that is now the latest technology news from Tesla.

Choose a simple topic that you are good at. If you are a young person who likes to play games, of course you can raise topics related to the game you like. Easy right?

Well, here are some things you need to consider when going to determine the topic:

  • Look for something that is trending
  • You can also create the trend itself
  • Determine what your reader category is and choose the topics they like
  • Avoid topics that you are not good at and can even cause unnecessary polemics
  • Familiarize yourself to follow the latest news or always update the news, this can be by opening social media or online news sites.

Make a Writing Framework

The outline or outline is important to be made so that you can limit your writing so it does not widen everywhere. Some guidelines for creating a good outline are:

1. Describe the facts or themes that you will discuss

2. Assess the facts

3. Gather material supporting our argument

4. Conclusions

Saving vocabulary

Saving vocabulary is a technique of collecting new vocabulary and then writing it. For example, every day we can save 5 new vocabulary words, so we can collect 150 words in a month. This vocabulary savings is useful for us to develop writing more easily. Arranging writing easily with savings of writing that has been made. This method is interesting and easy to apply everyday.

Make the Title Interesting

An interesting title can make a lot of readers visit your blog. So try to really choose the best title of your article. As a preliminary exercise, you can read titles from interesting reading sources, such as Kompas, Tempo, Gatra, Kontan, etc.

Make Subtitles

Subtitles are important so that readers do not get bored reading your writing. Give interesting subtitles at the beginning of the article so that readers are curious to read your entire article.

Give Teasing Lead

Lead is the core of the news, which is the opening sentence at the beginning of a paragraph that becomes an important point for the reader. Cool leads are an important point to keep your readers going paragraph by paragraph in your article.

Those are the ways that you can apply in making articles. Come on, work from the heart!