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5 Reasons Why Sober Living is Better Than Anything

Alcohol and drugs are bad for the human system. Scientists have proven this a long time ago, and everyone should know the downsides of these addictions. People enjoy alcohol and illicit substances because they create a sensation feeling in their brain, but this doesn’t come with only the positive side.

Often consuming seriously harms the liver which is trying endlessly to process the substances and get them out of the body as toxins. There are ways to help the system heal faster, as it is mentioned in this conscious life article, so everyone who’s coping with such addiction should try some of the things written there.

In this article, we’re going to explain why living sober is much better than being constantly drunk or high. Read on if you want to know more about these situations and why it’s better to stay clean.

1. Able to think straight

When your mind isn’t contaminated with alcohol, you’re able to think straight and know what you need to do. On the other hand, when you drink or take drugs, your mind works differently. The substances cause it to malfunction and most of the actions done by it are not as usual.

This makes you come up with wrong decisions, and do stuff you normally wouldn’t do. Even when you sober up after a night of drinking, the brain will need time to get back to its normal pace of work. IT needs time to regenerate.

2. Living a long and healthy life

Substances like alcohol and recreational drugs are affecting the entire body. You get to feel good for a while, but you’re seriously contaminating all the organs within. If you spend a couple of years of being constantly drunk, you can be sure that your life is going to be shortened for more than a decade and in most cases even more.

It’s a chain reaction that comes from the liver. When it can’t process the toxins fast enough, it will pull all the other organs with it, leaving your body suffering and causing it to malfunction as you get older. We think it’s nothing special when we’re young, but at an older age, this is going to cost us a lot.

3. Can do much more physically

People who drink are not as strong as those who aren’t. When you’re in the club drunk, you think you can take on the entire world, but that’s just your mind playing tricks with you. Even when you sober up, your muscles are going to loosen and unable to answer your needs when you try to push them to their limits.

This is why athletes never drink. If they want to have top performances, they must take care of their entire body. Just a shot of alcohol a night before a big match will push them down and prevent them from achieving top results. Learn more about the effects of alcohol on this link.

4. Making everyone around you happy

Your loved ones surely don’t like seeing you like a train wreck. They want to see you happy and acting like a decent human being. When you’re drunk, you surely don’t treat them right. Being sober gives you the chance to show them you love them.

5. Having a bright future

No one with an addiction problem has a bright future. Those who are constantly coping with something like this is never going to achieve their full potential. Just take everyone out there you know who has a drinking problem as an example.

None of these people managed to achieve their full potential, and lots of them had a huge one. If you want to make something out of yourself in life, you need to quit this habit immediately. Have a rehab and a healthy treatment, and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.


Nothing good comes out of constant drinking. People who have this kind of problem never manage to achieve anything good in their lives. If you feel like you might have a problem, start a rehab program right away. These facts above will help you understand why being sober is so important.