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5 Facts about maryland dental bridge

Everyone wants a perfect smile with perfectly aligned teeth. But sometimes there is a gap between our teeth, that gap is not too large and cannot be covered by artificial tooth. To overcome this problem, dentists have introduced a procedure called Maryland Bridge. It is the most effective and reliable source that doesn’t even cost much. Two teeth are connected via a bridge having two clips. This clip forms the bridge and fills the gap between the teeth. These clips vary in material. They can be made of metal or gold depending on the cost you wish you spend.

How it’s done

A cap is made with two wings like clips. This cap is usually called the crown. The wings are clipped between the two gaped teeth. These clips are fitted from inside so that they are not visible on the front and make you awkward. This also hides the metal used as bridge. The clips can be of metal or gold or any other material you wish to try. Most of them are of metal. The price varies only with the material used. Overall treatment price remains the same.

Not painful

This technique comes without any surgical procedure. No pain is expected and it doesn’t take more than an hour to complete the process. As there is only exertion of a bridge that supposes to hold the two teeth together pulling them closer to fill the gap. More the one two or even four missing teeth can be replaced by the bridge. That’s why Maryland bridges are famous in the dentist world and dentist usually recommends it when needed. The results are always accurate.

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Less costly

If we compare Maryland Bridge with other dental processes like implants or putting braces, they are likely to be much expensive. As dentals have always been costly, with the process like this it won’t cost you much. There are two types of bridges, removable and fixed.

No after effects

Usually after dental treatments, precautions are considered. Like not eating for several hours or your gums becomes sensitive for several hours. But in dental bridge there are no such precautions. There no is restrictions of having food and avoiding any situations. You can have normal food. You won’t feel nauseous after the surgery.


No doubt there are no after effects and precautions but oral hygiene is still to be considered. There might be a bit of numbness around the area. To make the treatment last longer, you need to take care of your daily teeth treatment. Brush twice a day. If you didn’t take care of your teeth after dental bridge treatment, possibilities are that u might lose the clips and they can get infected.

Quick preparation

Everyone wants easy and quick way out. Marry land are easily prepared by the dentists yeah it may take a while to fit in but it’s worth a wait. Anesthesia may also take a while as its obvious that it usually wears off after few hours of treatment,