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4 Tips For Children To Love Mathematics

Learning becomes an obligation for children who are still in school. Usually there are subjects which be unfav, one of them is mathematics. Lessons relating to these calculations often make children reluctant to learn, let alone explore them. Even as long as you know the tricks, there are no more difficult in learning mathematics. By registering your child at Brighton College, guaranteed your child able to mastering the material. The curriculum used by the British School Bangkok is based on the British National Curriculum to ensure that students are prepared for each stage of their education. Well, here are 4 tips for your child to be able to learn mathematics.  

1. Play with numbers  

For early age children, teaching them is very appropriate when accompanied by play, because they are usually quickly bored. Instead, they are never bored to play. Parents no longer need to feel dizzy about this because it can be used as a trick  when teaching mathematics to your child.  

Children can be taught to count by using candy or fruit as a metaphor, or pictures. Objects and pictures that children love can certainly be very helpful in learning process, because it will make a sense of interest.  

2. Create your own formula  

For you who don’t like to see long formulas in mathematics, you can work around by making your own formulas. Of course, calculations in mathematics cannot be done randomly. The way to get a unique mathematical formula is to take a course. Usually one of the advantages that can be obtained is they could get mathematical tips which unique and easier to remember. In a short way, children become easier to understand and no longer need to linger through the counting process  

3. Use it everyday  

Don’t forget to apply this simpler way to count math. To always remember it, try to insert this lesson into your daily life.  For example get him to buy something at the store and tell him to count groceries or ask him to play congklak. 

4. Note and remember  

Mathematics and reading lessons are certainly different ways of learning. In reading, children are more required to memorize, another case with mathematics. In math, you can’t just memorize it. Writing down formulas is also important to facilitate the process of remembering. Make sure the note is neat and organized, or if necessary add different colors to make it look clearer and to distinguish.  

Every child has their own way of learning and for parents, be sure not to force children to follow other children’s learn way. Apart from this, it might make them more depressed, they also become lazy to learn.