Pakar Kista

3 Ways in Building Team Creativity

Have you had to build your creativity in the journey of your career? Growing the culture of creativity is for all types of companies, both large and small and for all industry sectors. Without creativity, you will find it difficult to adapt to technology, meeting changing customer needs, finding new opportunities or even maintaining existing advantages. The worst situation is that your team will not be challenged and have no ties.

Everyone doesn’t just want to have an impact on the company, they also want to have the freedom to leave the comfort zone. Without creativity, chances will be lost. The problem is creativity can be a problem that intimidates leaders. Then, is there a way to grow positive creativity without making the leaders worry?

Of course, there are always team-building challenges for every problem. Here is a simple 3 way to develop team creativity and instill a culture of creativity.

1. Providing autonomous employees and flexible work schedules

each person has a job and resolves different problems. Everyone also has different productive hours. If you become very productive in the morning, not to mention the other total also experienced the same thing. And the other co-workers also have a way of completing their work different from what you do.

As long as you produce high-quality work that doesn’t go past the deadline, allow everyone to spread their wings. Of course, it must be based on the right reasons.

2. Encouraging everyone to rest

Research shows that if you want to be creative, make time to rest. We are not robots. The brain needs time to stop work and rest. When resting, try to walk, read, scribble or brainstorm, even play a voluntary activity.

3. Embracing the failure

Nobody likes failure. Failure can disturb someone’s mental and physical. Failure also does not produce an agreement. Even if it hurts, failure is the best way to learn and grow.

Do not hesitate to give a chance for every member to try new things. If they fail, they will get important lessons and try again. Who knows in the second time they will succeed.

Developing creativity is not a fancy thing. It is very important to be creative so that you create productive employees and products that are always remembered by customers and surely creativity can also sustain your business in the years to come.